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Meet Sean Remy

The Ethical Men’s Skincare

Our Story

Hello! My name is Takisha Engrum and I am the Founder of Sean Remy. I can't say there was a “what” behind my inspiration to start this brand, but it was instead a "who". My desire to transition to a clean beauty routine and to be the example for my daughter was the catalyst. I never imagined that starting a personal lifestyle change by embarking on clean beauty journey would evolve into this endeavor.

The idea for Sean Remy took form when I noticed my husband, now a military veteran had been trying to take better care of himself by using my hand-made skincare products. Having the misfortune of a skin condition, he had to adhere to the military grooming standard which made his condition worse. His skincare struggles and the challenges of not finding a product that met all his specific skincare needs left him feeling frustrated. Nothing ever really worked, and if it did, it wasn't for long. Exhausted of trying products that were full of steroids and synthetics, it became clear to me that he was looking for a way to healthy skin. 

Recognizing the hole in the skincare industry for men, I delved into extensive research on ingredients, their impact on the skin, and the role each one plays in a formulation. During my research I discovered the incredible role pH plays and its important connection to having healthy balanced skin. Research shows the skin thrives with products closely formulated to the skin's natural pH level.

However, most men’s skincare products have high pH levels disrupting the skin’s natural pH. Because of this mismatch, your skin’s surface will be instantly stripped of moisture. When the skin’s pH is too high, your body starts to produce even more oil to fight back and restore its natural pH levels. This causes extremely oily skin. It’s vital to have skincare products that will work with your skin’s natural  pH, not against it. Looking at an industry with fresh, naïve eyes, and spotting an opportunity to address an unmet need in the market it became apparent what was needed. Sean Remy was then born.


Why pH Balanced Skincare Matters

A healthy skin pH level should be slightly acidic, resting between 5.0 - 5.5 on the pH scale. But if you experience acne, dryness, or inflammation, your skin’s pH level is likely too acidic or alkaline.

Products with a high pH dry out our skin. Any soap products that sud are a sign the soap has too high of a pH level. They'll make your skin feel smooth, but they strip away your natural oils.

Our men’s natural skincare products are designed to treat all these problems by restoring skin to its natural pH level.  

You can have skin that feels smooth and healthy - without the damaging ingredients that strip away at your skin’s natural barrier.

The Sean Remy Promise

Sean Remy focuses on transparency in everything we do. When you purchase from us, you can trust you're receiving ethical men's skincare products that are high-quality, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic products. We only use all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Plus, our chemist-formulated products are clinically tested and Leaping Bunny certified.

Leaping Bunny Certified

Leaping Bunny is the global gold standard certification for cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care, and household products. Leaping Bunny partners with animal protection groups to ensure products are not tested on animals during all stages of product development. Learn more about the certification here.

Ethically Produced

Many companies claim they have cruelty-free products but do not prove their products are ethically produced during all steps of the product development process. Leaping Bunny certification is very selective and requires the company to agree to independent audits to verify the claims. This certification showcases our transparency so you can trust that Sean Remy's skincare products are 100% cruelty-free and ethically produced.

All-Natural Ingredients

Sean Remy only uses clean, high-quality, nutrient and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Our products contain no additives, synthetics, toxins, mineral oils, or artificial colorants. We also avoid these 12 ingredients that we believe are at the root of almost every skin issue: BHA, parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, petrolatum, silicones, DBP, DEA, PEGs, BHT, phthalates, and triclosan.

Chemist Tested and Formulated

Some brands claim to have a balanced pH formula but do not list the pH level on their product. Our clinical labs test our products to ensure the pH levels are between 5.0 and 5.5, so you can feel confident that Sean Remy products will help restore your skin to its natural pH.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can feel confident trying Sean Remy products with our 30-day money-back guarantee. It takes a few weeks for our products to start restoring your skin’s pH level and your skin’s natural barrier. But we’re confident that after you see the difference of Sean Remy products, you won’t want to use other skincare brands – ever again.

Nature Inspired

With balanced skin health centered at the core of our craft, we utilize plant-based ingredients to create effective skincare. We produce high performing products that support the skin’s integrity and biology achieving optimal results.

Working in sync with a holistic, health-focused lifestyle, Sean Remy products are forged to be seen, shared, and enjoyed. We aim to inspire in every aspect of daily life, providing functionality and simplicity both inside and out.

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